My Story

            Hello I am Anand Mane founder of Mane Marketing.

My business started or this is my story when I had just passed my 10th exam. And at that time I was only 15 years old, and the thought came to my mind that we are young, we don’t mind doing a part time job in our spare time. That’s all you will get for your own expenses, so I started looking for a job and a few days later I got a job somewhere, and I also got ready to work and started going to work. But the man I got the job from was a Marwari (Gujarati) entrepreneur. And when he asked me what I was going to do with my life, I said with a smile that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So the Marwari (Gujarati) entrepreneur said that a Marathi man can never be a businessman (entrepreneur), and they do not have that much money and you can never be an entrepreneur. So he started laughing out loud. I was so angry that I quit my job or left home. And now the only thing on my mind was that I wanted to start a business

        And I started My Marketing Company which used to work exclusively for Marathi people only, and after that everything was shut down due to Corona and lockdown. And at the same time my father died, so the digital marketing company I started had to close down my marketing company against my will.

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Leadership Team

Anand mane

Anand Mane

Founder & CEO
Vijay Mali

Vijay Mali

Sahil Mane

Sahil Mane

Director Of Mane Marketing